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Thank You Gresham!

I wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone that voted for me and who supported me through the election. I am honored to be re-elected to continue serving the people of Gresham in the State Legislature. Next year will be a lot of hard work and I encourage all of you to get in touch with me and my office if you have any questions or comments. Thank you again for all your support!


Greg Matthews

Words of Support from Paul Evans

Paul Evans is a veteran of the United State Air Force as well as a former Senior Policy Advisor for Veterans' Affairs to Governor Kulongoski.

"Re-electing Greg Matthews to the State Legislature should be a top priority of Oregon's Veterans... he played a critical role in passage of an historic package of recommendations for veterans' policy."

Greg Matthews Endorsed by the Gresham Outlook!


The race in this district has been everything that the contest in House District 49 has not. The campaigns of Matthews and Republican opponent Andre Wang have been cordial toward each other. They have remained focused on the issues. And they have avoided the sleazy politics that have contaminated too many East County races in recent years.

We hope that this isn’t the last political campaign for Wang, an immigration attorney who has impressed us with his character (not to mention his violin skills). But at this stage, he is no match for Matthews, a firefighter and business co-owner who is deeply involved in the community and has demonstrated a capacity to listen to his constituents.

We’ve had a couple sharp disagreements with Matthews, but he generally has been a moderate representative willing to vote his conscience — even when that puts him at odds with his own party. It’s clear that Matthews, whose district covers the bulk of Gresham, is involved in politics because he wants to accomplish worthwhile things for East County. The community will benefit from his continued presence in Salem.

Greg Matthews Endorsed by Willamette Week!


"...we give the edge to the candidate who has actual legislative experience and is no friend of ideologues."

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Greg Matthews Endorsed by the Oregonian!


"the earnest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get Matthews connects to his constituents and should go to Salem for another term."

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Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website. The past two years have been an amazing experience. It has been an absolute honor to serve as State Representative of Oregon's House District 50. During this time I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people across our great state and it has been extremely educational as well, learning so many different things about Oregon and extending into many areas of critical concern to Oregonians. I do not take lightly the responsibilities bestowed upon me and I have earned a reputation as someone who listens to both sides of all arguments and I have stood strongly on the concept that process matters. It is this reputation that has inspired me to ask for your trust to serve another term in Oregon's House of Representatives.

There is no doubt that you deserve to be represented by someone who understands their district, and perhaps more importantly, their community. Additionally, I am a firm believer in accountability and at times have stood strong against my caucus because I felt strongly about doing what I felt was truly best for our community and best for Oregon. Now, nearing the end of my first term as a legislator, I can look back with a sense of pride in the manner in which I approached my duties as your representative. The reality is that it is far more important to be effective than to be popular.

Despite the demanding schedule of the legislative agenda, I have maintained my position as a Gresham Firefighter uninterrupted. As the only Firefighter in the legislature, it is this front line of public service that connects me to our community differently than any other occupation. In addition, my wife and I own and operate a small business, Small World Learning Center, where we maintain twenty two employees while providing care and education to over one hundred families in the Gresham area. It has always been my contention that the most important vote is the vote of my wife and kids and I remain grateful for their incredible support.

Regardless of your party affiliation, I sincerely hope that you will engage in the process. As we continue down this path towards re-election I look forward to hearing your concerns as we work together to move Oregon forward. As I have stated during remonstrances on the Oregon House floor, the seat I currently sit in belongs to Gresham and ultimately it will be your decision as to who you feel will best represent you accordingly.

Warm regards,

State Representative Greg Matthews

Thank you Gresham

As a first-time candidate running for public office, I have a new appreciation for any citizen, and their families for that matter, who make themselves available and endure the long and trying process of campaigning.

It is with respect that I ask our citizens to join me in recognizing the years of dedicated service of Rep. John Lim. While it’s true we disagree on a number of issues, I realize the value of his sacrifice and acknowledge the contributions he and his wife, Grace, have made to our community. During the campaign I always said that I couldn’t wish him luck, but my family and I certainly do wish him well.

With that being said, this journey began with only one vote that mattered, which was the vote of my wife, Suzette. I thank her for the unconditional love and support. She is truly a wonderful wife, a fantastic mother to our three little girls, and I am blessed to have her in my life. I give tremendous thanks to my parents and for the manner in which I have been raised, and my entire family for the support I continue to receive regardless of the endeavor.

The campaign trail was long, and I would like to thank everyone who played an instrumental role in assisting our campaign. Simply put, none of this would have been possible had it not been for the countless hours donated to our cause. I was overwhelmed by your response, humbled by your vote, and truly look forward to serving as your new state representative.

State Representative Elect Greg Matthews

Matthews Earns Endorsement of the Gresham Outloook

"Matthews, a 44-year-old Democrat, has deep roots in the community, an unmatched record of involvement and an enviable level of energy...Voters shouldn't delay the inevitable -- they should elect Matthews in November."

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First TV Advertisement -- "Responding"

Greg's first television advertisement demonstrating how he's leading Gresham by example as a current firefighter, former police officer, and millitary veteran.

Firefighters Rally in Support of Greg Matthews

Over 75 firefighters from Gresham and across Oregon rallied in support of Greg Matthews this past Saturday, September 20 at Red Sunset Park. The rally featured speeches from Oregon House Majority Leader Dave Hunt, Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis, Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain, and Oregon State Firefighter Council President Kelly Bach.

“Oregon’s firefighters are rallying behind Greg Matthews because they know he’ll work hard to make sure we’re represented in Salem,” said Oregon State Firefighter Council President Kelly Bach. “Greg’s commitment and service to the Gresham Community will make him a great State Representative,” added Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis.

Following the rally and speeches, all firefighters and volunteers hit the pavement to knock on doors and spread the word about Matthews’ campaign. A barbeque, refreshments, and live music followed, as every volunteer received a “Firefighters for Matthews” T-Shirt.

A twenty-two year veteran of Gresham public safety, Matthews spent eleven years as an officer for the Gresham police force before joining Gresham Fire and Emergency Services where he has spent the last eleven years at Station 71. Matthews is running for State Representative in Oregon House District 50 and currently serves as the President of Gresham Professional Firefighters Local 1062.

Click here for photographs taken from the rally 

Posted Jan. 14, 2013.